VR6 Dizzy car

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VR6 Dizzy car

Postby vdubjim » Mon Dec 07, 2009 6:26 pm

Full LINK http://forums.vwvortex.com/zerothread?id=3359198

INcase it goes down or deleted:

I will assume that all those reading will have base MS knowledge. Those who don't feel free to ask some questions.

1992 SLC engine/drivetrain into a 1992 GTI (my old one). Car has been running a stock chipped ECU for a little over a year. All factory sensors have been used, only addition to the engine bay is a single vacuum line for the map signal.

Wiring is straight forward from a cut up Motronic ECU connector to the MS DB37 connector. I will post the pinout below.

[MS to Motronic Pinout Placeholder]

Board built and tuned by me.

MS1 V3
MSnS-E 029t

Board mods/hardware:

D14 with pullup to IGN (no VB)
Both VR pots fully CCW

Launch Circuit
Tach Circuit (not working yet) w/ 2k pullup
TIP120 for PWM idle valve with 1N4001 flyback diode between output and 12v

Remove Q4, Q20 and R39. replace R39 with a wired link or solder the (E) emittor to the right side of position R39 rather than at the Q4 position.
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