The facilitating factors of labor aggression are mainly of

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The facilitating factors of labor aggression are mainly of

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INESEM Business School Master in PRL Occupational Health and Safety 5 ECTS Credits MORE INFORMATION Violence and aggression at work Workplace violence refers to the behavior exercised by one or more people whether they belong to the organization or not who intend to physically or psychologically harm one or more workers with the aggression occurring in the context of the organization Schat and Kelloway 2005.

Depending on whether the person who exercises violence belongs to the organization or not we can find three types of workplace violence Type I violent acts are carried out by people Photo Background Removing outside the organization and its employees. The clearest example is that of those jobs in which employees have a high probability of being robbed taxi drivers shop assistants etc. Type II whoever exercises violence does not belong to the organization but has some kind of relationship with it for example receives a service provided by the organization.

Health personnel are a professional group vulnerable to this type of violence. Type III this is violence between members of the organization. The facilitating factors of labor aggression are mainly of an organizational nature for example the perception of labor injustice a normative climate in the organization favorable to aggression poor labor organization or unbalanced workloads nondemocratic leadership styles although there are also individual factors such as
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