How Canoeing Works

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How Canoeing Works

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How Canoeing Works

Today's canoes come in a vast assortment of materials, shapes, sizes discount cowboys jerseys and colors, but they all have the same purpose to keep you out of the water. So, what makes a canoe float, anyway? The laws of density, explain why a canoe floats. Buoyancy tells us that the weight of michael kors handbags outlet the water displaced by the canoe must be equal to the weight of the canoe for it to float. This ties in to density if you drop an object into a liquid that's less dense than the object, the object will float. A canoe's shape, like the shape of a cruise ship or even a fishing boat, is purposely designed to make it float.

Gunwale: discount patriots jerseys top edge extending around the canoe from bow to sternBeam: point of greatest widthBow: front of the canoeDeck: wood pieces fitted between gunwales at the extreme ends of the canoeFreeboard: portion of the hull between the gunwales and waterlineHull: body of canoeKeel: outer strip on bottom of canoe in the center cheap nhl jerseys wholesale extending from bow to sternPainter: rope attached to bow and sternPlanking: flat sections of wood forming the hull fitted lengthwiseRibs: curved pieces of wood on planking running crosswiseThwart: crosswise supports between gunwales which help canoe maintain shape

Aft: towards the sternAmidships: at the middleBroadside: movement in a sideward directionForwards: toward the bowLeeward: direction away from windPivot: movement of canoe with each end of the canoe moving in the opposite directionPort: left side of canoeStarboard: right side of canoeRhythm: bow and stern paddling in unisonSolo: one paddler in center of canoeStern: back of canoeTandem: two paddlers one at bow and one at sternWake: action of water as a result of movement of canoeWinward: direction from which the wind in blowing.
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