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T1 Cheap intake idea

PostPosted: Thu Jun 24, 2010 3:25 pm
by vdubjim
One of these days ill have time to get around to trying this....... Something to get ideas rolling

there are lots of those intakes on at like 20 bones.

Bore out that center splitter for more volume, throw this on:
rabbit vs audi. audi 5k is larger. Similar to early 90s 16v jetta/golf
there are tons that use this same bolt pattern, but have the linkage on one side or the other, different spring combos and lengths etc..
Most of the automatics had TPS factory.

To join the TB to an airfilter pipe etc..
or this might fit, and the bottom is already round.

Use a cable for the throttle, no linkage to mess with, you could 'adjust' the pedal by using diff length arms for the cable on the TB

Use CB encastings or mexi beetle ones.

Re: T1 Cheap intake idea

PostPosted: Thu Jun 24, 2010 3:51 pm
by vdubjim

i bet something like this out of aluminium would be cheap to get in a taller lemgth to adjust your volume exactly.

Just did some research, a holley 2300 carb spacer will fit the intake just have to drill 4 holes to match. these spacers are EVERYWHERE.

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